Irrigation-ServiceYour home deserves the best shouldn’t your lawn also. Having a green lawn and healthy landscaping makes your home look beautiful year round. The key to a healthy landscape is a proper watering system. A Lawn Irrigation system will save you time, money, and the environment.

Choosing a Lawn Irrigation System

The system you choose depends on what you are watering and how much area needs to be irrigated. There are different nozzles to meet all kinds of watering needs. Shrubs, Trees, Flower beds, and Lawns all require different spraying needs, coverage, and amounts. Unless your designing the system yourself you really don’t need to know what goes where, your Irrigation Installer should know this. Have your water tested to see if the water you intend to use for irrigation is safe to use on your lawn and plantings. You may need to add a filtration system. Click here to get a document on irrigation water testing and what to look for. The lawn irrigation system controller is the brains to making your landscaping care easy. Today’s “Smart Controllers” use moisture and weather station sensors and water your landscape according to the data it receives.